Du bist nicht irgendwer - You're not just anybody

We’re standing in the pouring rain, it doesn’t stop
it may shortly get quiet but will be even stronger afterwards
(We’re) standing fully in life, walking past each other
i hope we won’t miss out on our time

Because you’re not just anybody
you’re not just anybody

(You’re) the wind in my sails, i’ve reached the clouds
flying towards the sun. if it’s enough to reach you?

You’re not just anybody x4

Above the clouds the rain stops
everything’s different, you must feel this too
should I keep on fighting or better let you go
before the beginning it doesn’t hurt that much at least

But you’re not just anybody
You’re not just anybody
Are you really just anybody?
I can’t see you anymore
You’re already so far from me


Eva Croissant - Jetzt abonnieren!