Foto: Amira Kohlbecker
Foto: Amira Kohlbecker

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Doubtful melodies by a heart-warming Voice

The young singer/songwriter was a surprise of the second season of "The Voice of Germany". With one of her original songs, "Dein Herz trägt Felsen" (Your heart bears heavy rocks), Eva Croissant sparked keen interest from the coaches and audience.  "What a gorgeus title", Xavier Naidoo commented on this outstanding goosebumps-moment. Overnight her 2.000 Facebook 'likes' exploded to over 20.000 and the self-released album "Du bist nicht irgendwer" (You're not just anybody) charted into the iTunes Top 10.


Since late 2013 Eva is working on her second album, while earning lots of inspiration during her numerous travels throughout Australia, Asia and Europe, of which experiences are filling the diary and influencing new songs.


We're gonna translate the rest of the homepage as soon as possible :) 


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